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25 November, 2016

Best Foods for fall

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Every season has got its preparations and traditions, autumn known as the fall time of the year, it is the season that links between summer and winter, it has many weather changes, and known for its unstable meteorological atmosphere, the summer leafs turns yellow and red, and many plants would not grow through this time of the year.

Humankind learned long time ago how to treat with this season, the weather changes is the most challenging issue on this season, as it impacts on almost everything, and that includes nutrition systems and foods.

On this season we learned how to eat properly some suitable foods, which can help our bodies to adapt weather changes through this time of the year, especially when we knew that our bodies are most exposed to famous diseases like flu and fever, also people with chronical diseases such the high blood pressure or diabetes, usually suffers some health disorders, due to the unstable climate.

Vegetables, fruits, and beans are the best kinds of foods to have during this season, as they are full of various minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins. Let us take a further look on the best foods for our bodies to be eaten, cooked, or added as an ingredient during the fall.

  • Apples:

As the famous quote say: “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”.

An apple is a great kind of food, it can be eaten during almost any time of the year, but when you eat it on the fall; it will provide your body with antioxidants and phytonutrients, this will benefit your health by preventing viruses and oxidants from harming your body.

An apple can be eaten on its natural form, and also a delicious dessert like apple pie is a great food for warm autumn days.

  • Pumpkins:

Pumpkins are so attached to the fall time of the year, they are a food of celebration with certain events like Halloween or Thanksgiving Day, which are celebrated during fall.

Pumpkins are named the season`s super food, and that is for a certain amount of reasons, it contains antioxidants, vitamins, and potassium.

Those three elements can give your body warmness, prevent you from chronical diseases like cancer, and lower your blood pressure.

It prevent hair losing, keeps your eyes healthy, and protect your skin from weather changes

Also it can be cooked or prepared into several types of foods, such as pies, oil, soups and breads!

  • Sweet potatoes:

They are a reliable source for Vitamin A and anti-inflammatory.

Sweet potatoes are known as good food for the heart, doctors usually encourage people to eat that kind of vegetables, as an inexpensive food to keep their hearts healthy.

Also it can keep the skin fresh and powerful, these vegetables can be cooked into many kinds of recipes, including soups and chips. It is most suitable for children as it helps in growth, by adding a suitable amount into their nutrition systems.

  • Beans:

Why should we eat beans during the fall time of the year? Because they are the most reliable source for protein.

Beans can help high blood pressure and diabetes carriers, also it is an inexpensive food.

A substance source for red meat, which carries a lot of protein and have no fat within, and it can make your body active and fresh.

Beans can be cooked easily and they are one of the healthiest fast cooked foods, it can be eaten as a whole meal in breakfast or dinner.

  • Broccoli:

Now we know the reasons that our grandmothers insist to always finish eating our broccoli, especially in cold weathers!

Broccoli contains Vitamin K, fiber, Vitamin C, and Folate.

This plant in an anti-aging food, it gives your health immunity, a great food for your kidneys, and it helps renewing our blood cells, a green plant which has many healthy nutrition benefits.

  • Pomegranates:

A wonderful fruit that contains natural sugar, it is known as the ruby red fruit, a powerful Vitamin C & K source, also it has Anti-Inflammatory effects on the long run.

A great fruit for cold days as it keeps your body warm, and it helps your brain and muscles systems on working functionally during the day.