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25 November, 2016

How to choose wine depending on the meal?

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People all over the world tend to pair their meals with wine to enhance its taste. While there is no set list of dos and don’ts when it comes to choosing wine to go with your meal, there are a few simple guidelines on how you can elevate the taste of a dish to perfection by pairing the right wine with it. So read on below for tips on choosing the right wine depending on the meal.

1.     Keep an open mind

Whatever you hear about combining wine with foods, you should listen to it with an open mind because those are basic guidelines and not the rules. You may prefer different combinations and that’s fine. As long as they work for you, you should keep on working with them.

This guidance is just to help you out make the simple decisions until you are able to tune into your own palate and be the best judge for yourself.

2.     Figure out what is important when you are assessing the relation of a wine with a food

There are quite a lot of things that should be checked when you are assessing the affinity of a wine with a food.

Apart from the taste, you have to check the texture, weight, and structure of the food and the wine too. For instance, if the food you have prepared for yourself is delicate, then pairing a delicate wine with it is your best bet. As for food which has a richer and fuller taste, you would want to pair it with fuller flavored wine.

3.     Understand how to taste food and wine together

To be able to figure out exactly what you want and to branch out of the generalities, you should understand how to taste food and wine together. To learn how to do it, you need to do the following things:

  • Sip a mouthful of wine and take a moment to roll it around inside your mouth before you swallow it.
  • Figure out what you smell and taste. Search for familiar flavors of fruit and wood.
  • See if the wine seems heavy or light to you.
  • Keep the taste of the wine in mind and look for similar characteristics in your food.
  • Now try the food and sip the wine. If you feel like the experience was a pleasant one then you have officially found out a successful pair for your food. However, if the taste wasn’t pleasant, you need to look for another wine.

4.     Deepen your knowledge by getting into the details

You can build your basic understanding of which food goes with which wine by discovering the nuances. Pairing the wine with the right food depends a lot upon the manner the food has been cooked in.

For example, it is a common belief that chicken goes well with white wine. But the situation changes when it has been cooked in a different way. If the chicken was poached, then it will go well with young Semillon, whereas if it was roasted it will go well with an aged Semillon.